středa 11. srpna 2010

sketch for flower stand
Hi dear friends!

I am finally in : ) and couple of ideas, finally, started to grow in my head. After considering all the circumstances I have decided for this "growing architecture" - videosculpture:

According to the installation: I see more possibilities;
a) to built a cardboard box and place a small LCD in it
b) use a rear video projection and project video on a wall with opening from back side – from the front side of the wall, the image as the one on youtube would be see ; from the back side the whole scene of the action would be scene – that means whole sculpture and me struggling with it
c) I let the video as it is to Dusan and let him handle it as a found footage and do whatever he likes.
d) combination of all three possibilities : )

Now the question, do you have any technical equipment, which I could use? (lcd, projector,…)

my best, pavla

Hello to all,
I decided to react (c) and create something like a portable garden or gallery. It is going to be a stand for a videoframe (digitalphoto frame) with real flowers incorporated. Height will be something around 1 meter. I have always wanted to make one...something like a unfilled wish of a hobby freak ... (My grand parents used to have them in their living room....)
looking forward and best regards.dusan